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I use to work at starbucks and that is deadass the truth lol….if i didnt like you your ass wasnt getting sugar free syrup you were getting the real thing…enjoy those extra lbs bitch.

Wtf that comment. I would be terrified to go out to eat if I was diabetic, jfc


come on and slam


Animation Basics, pendulum and ball animation 15-09-14

I included the sketchy guides and charts I used to plan it all out. If the bottom gif doesnt work check it here: x



Kush entirely too fucking loud


Ok that prep goes against a lot of my ideas of how to cook a chicken, but I did them (minus having a rack for the pan) and it came out INSANELY juicy. Like holy shit it’s dripping and if you have any cracks in your cutting board you will be swimming in your kitchen soon.

I will add - after you’ve taken the chicken from the pan, splash in some white wine and scrape/mix the stuck on bits into an amazingly simple yummy sauce.

Hubs ate half of the chicken in 5mins ^.^;


It’s tea time!  

watercolor on paper
6x6 in.


made me laugh

ya know…

I think using the Covergirl Raven’s image like it’s being used right now is certainly an attention grabbing thing.

However…. did they ask the model whose face they are applying fake bruises to about it? Did they ask for her consent? Did they go “We think doing this will send a powerful message - but are you ok with seeing YOUR FACE (and your family, your career, and possibly internet infamy being affected) looking like you have suffered domestic assault? (What if she has had a history with this, and it’s triggering?)

SO let me just state - trying to bring attention to the issue of women’s rights by not acknowledging the rights of a woman’s photo of her face and altering it to make a point about women’s rights…

Is why I fucking hate some of the stupid ass shit some “activists” are doing these days. Fighting fire with fire? Lead by example? Not thinking out your arguments? Making slogans that don’t begin to cover the nuances of a topic, watching it trend and then burn out quickly with little to no resolution or noticeable change in the social climate (beyond those who already agree/would be easy to reach)? Allowing serious conversations to be thrown out on the basis of attention and saturation burn-out?

….I think this is a huge time of being aware, but little actual change and I am rather not looking forward to how this is gonna play out over the next few decades.

Alright Haven what do you got this season let’s go

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"Do You?"

UH YEAH. Hubs and I will pay to see it in theaters (considering we see like 1-2 current movies a year in theaters, that’s saying something)