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Sinbad Entering the Cavern, Albert Goodwin, 1879



Artista ingles



(by Michael Breitung)

Dam Fun Facts About Beavers

So I’m going to complain here since it pretty much guarantees it won’t bother anyone.

So like, I’ve been dealing with a lot of dentistry stuff as of late. I admit I was horrible at taking care of my teeth - I went in about a year ago for some pain and I got a rather expensive cleaning + checkup (totally, mind you no insurance or those bs payment plans) and it put about $1000 on my credit card (which had some purchases I was already trying to pay off). I go back in because they’re like “see how half your mouth has red dots? red dots mean you need cavity fillings/care”

And I’m like oh fuck cause they’re all gonna cost $130-155 to fix each.

And I get a really deep/most expensive one done and the helper is a bumbling idiot and the dentist doesn’t really talk to me, and over the past two weeks I’ve been feeling some pain around that area, getting worse rather than better. The filling was to the root.

I haven’t been really satisfied with the way they’ve been treating me so I heard about a dentist down the road and went there and while that lady seemed much better (about the same cost wise) and talked to me a whole lot more the end conclusion of her poke-around that tooth is that there’s a pretty damn good chance I need a root canal. So I have to go get a consultation. So, more money, and this visit put another $114 on my  credit card.

The root canal, if I need one and it’s leaning towards that could be $1000+

And I have other fillings around that tooth which are starting to come out/have air pockets/etc.


I wish I wasn’t sitting here crying and feeling awful for myself. I wish I had more strength to ask my family for help. I wish I had made better choices. I feel a lot of things and know that none of them are particularly helpful right now.

I just feel despair. I have no savings, and the monthly charges of the card are getting hard enough to pay down. Interest is creeping up, and next year I will have to start paying back ANOTHER SL I have because wooooooo I made under $20,000 last year, I totally have money to pay on that.

I am just… kinda.. I’m in pain and shocked and just really mad and sad and feeling like such a fucking failure. My birthday is coming up in August and Mom had been all “we want to get you gift certificates to help you with you new house” and I just… fuck.



Portraits by Canadian based artist Sarah Go.


Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Fall 2014

Sometimes I think it would be amazing to be a fashion model because you get to wear the weirdest things and still have to look fierce while doing so.

Take notes, screenwriters.



Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

omg look at him getting really into it also her hair is so pretty




laughing so hard because this is so accurate

We used AIM but same thing.

Don’t forget ‘Setting your status to ‘currently playing’ so everyone could see how emo you were.