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Inari Foxes: Gold by Santani

Misty Copeland - I WILL WHAT I WANT


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Maria Callas talking about the pressures of fame.


Happy Birthday June! - On this day in 1940 the legendary British model June Margaret Palmer was born and had she still been alive today, she would have been celebrating her 74th Birthday.


bali - doorway by adlaw


‘Anatomy of Songs’, A Comic Demonstrating the Basic Elements of Several Musical Genres




A Visual Reminder That Everyone on the Internet Is an Actual Person

Man I am so jaded by the years in the furry fandom I can’t help but question everything. I am so used to feels, assumptions, entitlement, desperate-cling-fwendness that it’s hard to approach any conversation with anyone without fears of what was meant, and how it could all blow up into a stress-publicity-nightmare.

There’s wanting to be polite and kind and then having to be so over-kill polite and gentle and treating people like volatile mines ready to explore because you worry about mishandling the conversation and what damage it could do to all your hard work (because some people don’t need a reason other than an imagined slight to try and trash your career).

That’s tiring as fuck. I’m jaded to the point where even those I want to get to know I have a hard time actually doing it. I hate interacting online. I hate knowing full well however that person is feeling is going to color their reaction, so one day it could be like “oh cool, we disagree and that’s ok” or it could be “YOU’RE BEING SO MEAN FUCK YOU YOU AWFUL PERSON, I’M GOING TO TELL EVERYONE WHAT AN AWFUL PERSON YOU ARE”.

And let’s be honest - most people come to the community to feel accepted, to feel like they fit in, to find friends and live out fantasy. This is not a place where people want to hear “no”, “I just don’t want to chat”, “I don’t like it when you draw my character sexually without my permission” and “it’s really not you, I’m just not big on online friendships”.

And it’s just infuriatingly exhausting to bear the brunt of their disappointment and feel pressured into pleasing them (or else be labeled, though by that point it’s happened already). There’s just so much entitlement, and so little respect for how another person has the right to feel (from my perspective as an art creator in the fandom, I get the sense some other artists may feel the same and that our experience may vary a bit from other’s).

If I could just post my artwork online, disable comments, and the only way someone could “show” they like something is by a thumbs-up - I’d do that.  I really would. (And it not be DA :/)

Sometimes I get people accusing me of being one of those egotistical artists because I hid their “critique”, like I’m too soft and need toughing up. Uhm. No. I have experienced critique, disappointment, etc - I have lived. I often know whats wrong with my work before anyone says it, but it still comes down to sometimes I just don’t have the knowledge and capacity to do better yet. I don’t want to deal with self-styled critic people (who often have no artwork journey of their own to draw insight from) who often speak for their own ego’s satiation. I feel this should remain my right, and people trying to chastise it out of me are not welcome in my or online experience. My life is hard enough, I don’t need harassment over my choice to block people or tell someone I am not ok with how they are treating me.

It’s hard to write this and not have it speak of painting every interaction with the same brush, but that’s the problem - starting to see everything as a potential for someone swinging their needs and wants around at me.

It’s the thing that burns me out most, the thing that makes it hard to be a part of this. I love the subject matter, I love the art, the creativity, and when the community can essentially act conscious and empathetic I love that to. I just sometimes feel the rest crowds out all that good stuff and makes me want to just walk away and stay away.


Charles James evening dress, 1952

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art Pinterest